Hapless with Highmark (and the Hope of Direct Primary Care)

We caught our first glimpse of storm clouds in October with this article in LNP.  Highmark, the health insurer with the largest proportion of plans purchased by Pennsylvanians on healthcare.gov, would be dropping it’s most popular plans for 2016.  

Why in the World World Would I Pay TWICE for Healthcare?

On Sunday, November 1st, LNP (the local newspaper of Lancaster, PA) published this article about CovenantMD, and on November 3rd, Fox 43 featured this segment.  I think it's fair to say that these caused a local social media sensation.  There were many cyber high fives, and some that expressed reservations about the model.  In this post, I'll address what was by far the most frequent objection to Direct Primary Care.

Your Car Insurance Now Pays For Your Gas! (An Exercise in Absurdity)

Appropriated Press:  Officials in Washington have confirmed that car insurance companies will now be required to pay for gas.  "Transportation is a fundamental right of all Americans.  Therefore gas is a fundamental right of all Americans," said one congressman.  Consumer groups are split on the issue.  Some embrace the savings to American families, others see the ghastly (gassly?) auto insurance premium hikes coming down the pike, and they are also aghast (agassed?) at the new Federal mandate coming in 2017.  

Now enrolling patients!


Return with us to the days of Marcus Welby*!  CovenantMD is bringing Direct Primary Care to Lancaster.  Same or next-day appointments with no fees, extended visit times, home and worksite visits, access to your doctor by cell phone, text, and email, after hours access and after hours visits, and discounted blood work, radiology, and medications.  Click here to sign up.  We look forward to serving you!  CovenantMD opens Monday, January 4, 2016.

* Say what?  Marcus who?  Marcus Welby, M.D., the main character in a 1970's TV series of the same name, epitomized old-time general practice.  Check him out on iTunes.  (If Welby is news to you, then I envy your youth.)

Introducing BCF Group

CovenantMD is proud to announce a new partnership with BCF Group.  Small, medium, and large businesses can take advantage of CovenantMD's primary care umbrella, paired with insurance products offered through BCF.  Employees enjoy the high-touch quality of Direct Primary Care, while employers enjoy savings through limiting ER and urgent care copays and cash-pay discounts on medications and radiology.  Check out CovenantMD's employer page, email us, or give us a call at 717-287-1983.  To hear more about insurance options, email or call Brad Forney, CRM at 717-560-7730.

How the Amish Made Me a Better Doctor

How the Amish Made Me a Better Doctor

I’ve spent the last three years of my career as a doctor for the Amish.  It is frontier medicine.  I can regale you with stories of mangled hands immersed in cans of kerosene, arms and legs impaled with any number of small metal objects, injuries wrought by farm animals and table saws, of medical problems in states of extremis seldom seen and treated in outpatient clinics, of croupy toddlers finding relief from my breathing treatments at 2am.