Rising premiums, employees facing higher cost sharing and higher deductibles, and sometimes avoiding care altogether for fear of out-of-pocket costs.  These are tough times for businesses committed to ensuring a healthy workforce and providing quality health insurance for their employees.  

CovenantMD can help.   As Direct Primary Care can provide up to 90% of health care needs, we are a low-cost way to provide quality primary care when and where your employees need it.  No copays for visits, same and next-day appointments, after-hours and weekend coverage, and discounts on medications and lab work.  And because we're independent, we are not beholden to hospital or insurance networks with their often inflated costs.  

There are currently several local businesses that provide CovenantMD for their employees.  Some smaller businesses use us as their only health care offering.  Some pair CovenantMD with a higher deductible health plan.  We pair especially well with those plans that require full out-of-pocket payment for office visits, medications, and lab work before the deductible is met.  This means we greatly decrease the cost barrier that keeps your employees from engaging their primary care or even an urgent care doctor.  We work with local brokers to craft an offering that is ideal for your business.

Our monthly fees for our business clients run as follows:

Ages 0-18 $20/month
College students 18-22 $20/month
Ages 19-64 $65/month
Ages 65 and above $90/month

For list of what's included in the monthly membership fee, as well as examples of cost savings on lab tests, medications, and radiology, please see our Pricing Page.  

As an example of cost savings, a partially self-funded business did a year-long pilot with CovenantMD, enrolling three employees and nine family members.  The following table illustrates the savings to the business over 12 months:

Health Plan with CovenantMD Health Plan with Standard "In Network" Costs
Membership & registration fees $4060 $0
Regular office visits (35) 0 3500
After hours visits (1) 50 200
Lab work 266 2355
Medications 110 3547
Imaging (2 MRI's) 720 3000
Total Cost $5,206 $12,602
Total Savings = $7396

For their next renewal, this business is now offering CovenantMD to all of their employees and their families.  This means that employees can opt to join CovenantMD, with all initiation and membership fees covered by their employer, or stay with their current primary care office (knowing that their health plan does not cover office visits, medications, or labwork before the deductible is met).  

There are naturally many questions regarding federal insurance regulations and taxation when considering Direct Primary Care for your employees.  A very helpful discussion of this subject is here.

Give us a call at 717-287-1983 or email us at lancasterdpc@covenantmd.net to find out more about how CovenantMD can save your business money on healthcare, providing an innovative primary care arrangement that can make you more competitive in the market place.