We're Pacing Our Growth

Each patient is assigned to a particular provider's panel.  This allows the best continuity, i.e. the ability to see the provider/nurse duo that know you the best.  There are three providers at CovenantMD (find out more about each of them on our About page).  Only one, Jane Snyder, CRNP, is accepting new patients currently (for when she begins in October, 2018).

To put your name on Jane Snyder's waiting list, click here

Why don't Dr. Mellinger and Dr. Rohal have room for new patients?  Because they have both reached their patient limit.  (In Dr. Mellinger's case, that limit includes those who previously put their names on her waiting list). 

In the meantime, we are happy to answer any questions you have via email or phone at 717-287-1983.  We will also continue to offer free 30-minute information sessions to anyone interested in joining.  Thank you for your understanding!

Note:  The waiting list does not apply to immediate family members of current patients. 
Just call our office and we'll get them signed up.