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Monthly Membership Pricing

Children 18 and under $40 / month ($20/month with at least one enrolled parent)
Full time College Students (18 to 22) $40 / month ($20/month with at least one enrolled parent)
Adults 19 to 44 $60 / month
Adults 45 to 64 $70 / month
Adults 65 to 99 $85 / month
Adults 100 and above $1 / month

What's Included with the Monthly Membership

Family Medicine

A true general practitioner.  Kids and adults.  Geriatric care.  Chronic disease management (diabetes, high blood pressure, etc).  Mental health.  Urgent care.  Sports Medicine.  Medical weight loss.  DOT physicals.  And a partridge in a pear tree.


Office visits with the provider that knows you.

With same and next-day availability for acute issues.


Extended time with the doctor.

30 to 90-minute appointments. Medicine should be more about wellness, not just illness.  
That takes time.  And now you have it.


Home and worksite visits.

Home alone with three crying little ones?  Pressing to meet that deadline at work?  
We'll come to you!  No extra charge.  (Subject to availability.)


Specialist consults in less than 4 hours through RubiconMD.

Beats waiting 3 months to see the Dermatologist!  Find out more about RubiconMD here.


Live people answering the phone...anytime.

We don't have an answering service.  Day or night, you'll talk to a real live person that knows you.  
Or you can email.  Or text.  


After hours care.

Saving you time, hassle, and expense. 
(Subject to availability.  $50 fee applies.)


Greatly discounted medications

Often 90% off of wholesale prices.  If you take chronic medications, the savings may just pay for your entire membership.  
See sample medication prices here.


Greatly discounted labwork

Your annual bloodwork for less than $15!  See sample labwork prices here.


Access to discounted radiology

Find out what savings are available in the world of self-pay!  
And no fighting the insurance company over that MRI.  See sample imaging prices here.

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Visit Pricing

Annual physical exam with wellness and prevention planning included
Sick visit included
All communication (text, email, phone) included
House calls (subject to availability) included
Worksite calls (subject to availability) included
After hours visit $50
RubiconMD (specialty e-visit) included

Sample Lab Test Pricing

Phlebotomy is performed in our office. The following is an example of our lab prices, compared with self-pay pricing for three local labs. Insurance-negotiated prices (those prices you would pay for labs, using your insurance, before you hit your deductible) would likely be higher. This table is an example of our discounts -- it is not a complete list of our lab test offerings.

CovenantMD Local Lab 1 Local Lab 2 Local Lab 3
comprehensive metabolic panel (CMP) $3.15 22 49 45
lipid panel $3.20 51 49 57
complete blood count (CBC) $2.40 14 49 28
hemoglobin A1c (for diabetes) $3.2 29 49 41
thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH) $4.70 26 49 71
PSA (for prostate) $12.90 58 49 78
Vitamin D $24 108 129 125
urinalysis $2.70 15 49 10
testosterone $7.90 45 316 110
PT/INR $3.20 19 49 17

Sample Medication Pricing

Prices shown are for one month of pills (30 pills for a once-a-day medication, 60 pills for a twice-a-day medication, and so on).  Antibiotic prices are for a typical course of treatment (5-10 days).  This is not a complete list of our pharmacy stock.  If you do not see your medication(s) on this list and would like to know prices, please contact us.

Generic Name Brand Name Indication CovenantMD price Average Wholesale Price
alendronate 35mg Fosamax osteoporosis 8.00 81.95
amitriptyline Elavil nerve pain 1.00 19.08
amoxicillin 400mg/tsp Amoxil antibiotic 3.00 7.35
amoxicillin 500mg tabs Amoxil antibiotic 2.00 7.62
atenolol Tenormin blood pressure 1.50 37.5
atorvastatin Lipitor cholesterol 6.00 148.47
buproprion XL 150mg Wellbutrin depression 16.00 156.42
carvedilol 6.25mg Coreg blood pressure 2.50 128.04
cephalexin 500mg Keflex antibiotic 3.00 49.00
ciprofloxacin Cipro antibiotic 3.50 107.26
citalopram Celexa depression/anxiety 2.00 79.65
escitalopram Lexapro depression/anxiety 5.00 135.41
fluoxetine Prozac depression/anxiety 2.00 79.97
furosemide Lasix fluid pill 0.50 5.04
gabapentin 300mg Neurontin nerve pain 5.00 119.80
glipizide 5mg Gluocotrol diabetes 5.00 70.01
hydrochlorothiazide 25mg Microzide blood pressure 0.50 2.54
lamotrigine Lamictal bipolar disorder 2.00 142.45
levothyroxine 112mcg Synthroid low thyroid 10.00 19.49
lisinopril 20mg Zestril blood pressure 2.00 31.92
loratadine 10mg Claritin allergies 1.50 24.75
losartan 50mg Cozaar blood pressure 2.00 67.88
metformin 1000mg Glucophage diabetes 1.50 42.24
metoprolol 50mg Lopressor blood pressure 1.50 33.30
montelukast 10mg Singulair allergies/asthma 8.00 169.72
omeprazole 20mg Prilosec acid reflux 2.00 21.59
sertraline 100mg Zoloft depression 6.00 85.54
simvastatin 40mg Zocor cholesterol 2.00 145.90
sumatriptan 50mg Imitrex migraine headache 10.00 226.26
tamsulosin 0.4mg Flomax enlarged prostate 6.00 126.41
zolpidem 10mg Ambien insomnia 3.00 138.74

Procedures Pricing

All procedures are included with the monthly membership fee.  This includes:

Ingrown toenail repair

Eye foreign body removal

electrocardiogram (EKG)

Suturing (stitching) and stapling

Ear wax removal

Skin biopsy / lesion removal

Wart freezing

Abscess drainage


Joint injection

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Radiology Pricing

Radiology tests are not performed onsite, but are ordered to local radiology providers.

X-ray series $60
Screening mammogram $175
DEXA (bone density scan) $150
Ultrasound $110-225
CT (CAT scan) $200-300
MRI $360