Breaking Barriers: Health Insurance and Direct Primary Care 2019

Breaking Barriers:  Health Insurance and Direct Primary Care 2019

Cost is the number one barrier to engaging your doctor. Direct Primary Care is an emerging practice model that breaks down that barrier.

Just in time for your Halloween candy hangover, today is November 1st. This day has been gaining infamy in recent years as the day that opens for business for the purchasing of health insurance plans for the following year. I make it a habit of trolling local media for stories related to the Exchange, and I have to say that I’m struck this year by the relative paucity of news coverage.

Introducing Jane Snyder, CRNP

We are pleased to announce the addition to our practice of Jane Snyder, CRNP (nurse practitioner), who starts October 15.  Jane is a Lancaster native who has been practicing primary care for the past several years.  She is currently doing a fellowship in Integrative Medicine at the University of Arizona, a program which is regarded as the flagship in I.M.  She has already begun applying Integrative Medicine principles to her patient care, and is excited to practice primary care and Integrative Medicine in the context of Direct Primary Care (which affords greater time with patients, more timely appointments, etc). 

CovenantMD Receives Small Business Award from SCORE Lancaster/Lebnanon

Yesterday, I was privileged to accept a Small Business Development Award from SCORE Lancaster/Lebanon. Through SCORE, I have been privileged to work with a mentor, Hugh McMaster, who has guided me through the inception of CovenantMD in 2015 and its growth along the way. The following is the text of my acceptance speech.

Informational Session on Monday, Dec 5

Informational Session on Monday, Dec 5

Come find out about CovenantMD and Direct Primary Care.  We offer same and next-day appointments; cell, text, and email access to your doctor; after hours, weekend, and holiday coverage, and discounts on medications, labwork, and radiology.  We're reclaiming the doctor/patient relationship!  Direct Primary Care pairs well with high-deductible health insurance plans and sharing plans.  We are also a great option for small business owners feeling the squeeze of rising health insurance costs.  

Sharing Plans and Direct Primary Care

Sharing Plans and Direct Primary Care

On Saturday, a married couple who are business owners signed up for CovenantMD.  They emailed us shortly after signing up, and I would like to share with you some of their comments (used with their permission):  “Our new rates came in from the Affordable Care Act with a whopping price tag of $23,925/year premium, $9,000/year annual deductible, and a $14,300/year maximum out-of-pocket.  That said, if we continue with regular health insurance, we would lose our business."