A Medical Home for Your Employees

Comprehensive, timely, low-cost, easily accessible primary care should be the bedrock of our healthcare system.  But in this era of high cost healthcare coupled with high deductibles, our employees are DIS-incentivized to engage their primary care physician.  CovenantMD seeks to change that.  By partnering directly with employers to provide primary care to their employees, CovenantMD is introducing innovations that are revitalizing the doctor patient relationship, all while bringing substantial cost savings.  CovenantMD has experience with working with businesses employing 5 to 300 employees.


The following costs are per employee/family member:

Children 0 to 18 $20/month
College students 18 to 22 $20/month
Adults 19 to 44 $60
Adults 45 to 64 $70
Adults 65 and above $85

What’s Included?

A revitalized doctor/patient relationship!  Visits whenever needed, same or next-day.  Extended visits in a non-rushed atmosphere.  Housecalls and worksite visits at no additional charge.  Substantial discounts on medications from an in-office pharmacy.  Lab tests typically priced 90% below insurance prices.  After hours, weekend, and holiday coverage direct to the provider’s cell phone.  Telemedicine utilizing secure texting and video chat.  We streamline access to the provider, provide a high-quality office experience, and bring down the biggest barrier preventing your employees from engaging their primary care doctor: high cost. For more on what’s included, and for examples of some of our discount pricing, click here.

What are the Nuts and Bolts?

Our employer clients pay the monthly fee for their employees. Some of our clients also pay for family members of employees. For our smaller employer clients (those that don’t offer health insurance), CovenantMD is a low-cost, high-quality way to offer a healthcare product to employees. Larger employers pair CovenantMD with their existing health plan. From the employee’s perspective, that means free medical visits when they need them, and other discounted ancillaries (like labwork and medications) that will save them substantially on out of pocket costs, especially if their health plan does not pay for office visits, labs, radiology, etc before the deductible is met.

New Horizons for CovenantMD

CovenantMD York is coming in January, 2019! This will function as a nearsite clinic for a large employer, before opening in April 2019 to the general public and other York area businesses that would like to utilize Direct Primary Care services for their employees.

What’s next?

We’re happy to sit down with you and talk further in our office or yours. Call us at 717-287-1983 or email us to find our more or schedule a meeting.