Welcome to CovenantMD!

We are honored that you have chosen us as your new site of primary care. You have your choice of location, either our Lancaster or our York office. Addresses of each location are here.

Our Lancaster Office

There are three providers at CovenantMD Lancaster. Dr. Susan Mellinger and Dr. Patrick Rohal have reached their patient limit and are not accepting new patients at this time. Jane Snyder, CRNP is accepting new patients. Read about all of our providers at CovenantMD Lancaster here.

Our York office

Dr. Stacey Denlinger is the physician at our York location. She is now accepting new patients, and will begin scheduling April 1, 2019 and after. Read more about Dr. Denlinger here.

to sign up

To sign up for CovenantMD, click here. We’ll ask you to specify a location and a provider. We do charge a $75 initiation fee per household at sign-up. The first monthly fee will come due in 30 days.

To put your name on a waiting list for admission to Dr. Mellinger’s or Dr. Rohal’s panel when space becomes available, click here.