Learn more about Direct Primary Care


This is an excellent introduction to the concept of Direct Primary Care, by R-Health.


Employees sing the praises of Direct Primary Care! (by Nextera Healthcare).


Medicine is About to Get Personal (DPC gets a write-up in Time Magazine, December 2014)

How Direct Primary Care Reduces the Costs of Care (KevinMD, November 2014)

No, Direct Primary Care Isn't Too Expensive (KevinMD, August 2014)

Pay Cash for Your Healthcare (Kiplinger, February 2015)

Direct Primary Care, an Alternative to Conventional Health Insurance (The Heritage Foundation).  From the perspective of public policy.

Direct Primary Care Practices -- Why Are They So Much Less Expensive? (The Self Pay Patient)

Health is Membership, an essay by Wendell Berry.  This is a longer read, best suited for 30 minutes or so of quiet with some hot coffee.  Berry very eloquently gets to the "WHY" of patient-centered medicine, and therefore of Direct Primary Care.

The Self Pay Patient, online information and resources for the uninsured or those with high-deductible insurance.  And check out Sean Parnell's book of the same name.