Direct Primary Care is a new approach to family health care.

Contract directly with your doctor, and save insurance for the big stuff.

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CovenantMD is the Family PracticE of Patrick Rohal, MD,Susan Mellinger, MD, and Jane Snyder, CRNP

How are we different?

We've ditched the primary care treadmill.  We have fewer patients. We don't bill health insurance.  This allows same day acute appointments, all the time you need with your healthcare provider, and no third parties influencing your healthcare decisions. 

Benefits of membership.

Visits when you need them without copays.  Extended visits.  Housecalls and worksite visits at no additional charge.  State  of the art telemedicine.  We're here for you after hours, weekends, and holidays. Find out more about our benefits here.

Value for the common things.

Predictable.  Low cost.  We offer discounts on medications, labwork, and radiology.  A perfect fit for high-deductible insurance or sharing plans.  Click here for examples of our pricing.