The following are comments from patients of CovenantMD.  Some commented on social media, others wrote us personal notes.  All graciously gave us permission to use their comments here.  Thank you!


“I just started going. We see Jane Snyder, and after only two visits I'm already in love with this practice 😍 I have a 4- and 1-year-old almost always in tow, and they just make everything so simple for us. There's no hoops to jump through, they can take care of all of us right there, no long waiting, we're not rushed out, AND my kids love it there! I really feel thought-of and taken-care-of. As a mom of littles I often feel like a burden in public spaces but CovenantMD makes us feel like they really do enjoy having us there!

Jane is amazing and the baby has already fallen in love with everyone there. They hold her so I can get paperwork done or get blood drawn and I have to pry her off to go home 😂🤦‍♀️

👍 This is how healthcare should be!” - Patient A.B.

"It has been so wonderful working with you and Dr. Rohal. Doctors visits had previously been stressful and unenjoyable until this point. I love that our kids get so excited to come see you, and they are really free to be themselves thanks to your warm environment. They are usually so shy and awkward in other doctors offices, but not so at all at CovenantMD!  Your office is truly a blessing to our family!"  - Patient S.L. 


"I wanted to thank you for my introductory appointment yesterday.  I must say I was shocked by the amount of time you spent with me.  I've become so accustomed to speaking in bullet points to my previous doctor that your detailed questions actually made me take a step back and think about my overall preventive health.  I've NEVER been asked such detailed questions (e.g. what foods do you typically eat, how are you sleeping, what are your health goals, on and on).  I'm used to a family history question, a medical assumption, and then a prescription.  It truly was a great experience and refreshing to know a true health partner exists.  It was "odd" not to be rushed or feel rushed out the door. Thanks again, and I am quickly becoming a raving fan."  -- Patient P.F.


"I would highly recommend Dr. Rohal and Covenant MD!  I appreciate the fact that I can call or text my doctor directly and get a response within a short amount of time.  My husband and I have never felt so valued as patients!  Dr. Rohal took time to read through all of our records and recommend strategies for addressing various issues.  He truly cares for the WHOLE person." -- Patient R.S.


"I look back on my days as being a patient at ************** and the way you run your practice.  My thoughts are that I always felt 'lost' as a patient.  I didn't feel I had ample time to communicate with the physician and/or physician assistant.  So many times I would leave and I wished I would have remembered to ask a few more things.   But I felt like I would be a nuisance to make a call back to them because they simply never had enough time in a day.  It's a huge comfort knowing I can simply email (or call).  You really do have a good thing going here and I am truly grateful." -- Patient S.C.


"Everything you desire in a primary care provider - old school manners, compassionate, attentive, affordable, dependable, knowledgeable, and respectful.  My experience was above and beyond anything I have ever experienced at a doctor's office.  Truly amazing.  Thank you for blessing our community with your services, your smiles and your kindness!" -- Patient Y.L.


"Just wanted to say thank you for your time!  The two of you have probably spent more time with me than I had in a few years with my last doctor.  As a patient, it is so valuable to know that your doc knows (or is getting to know) your story." -- Patient A.G.


"I appreciate the effectiveness of this cost breakdown [referring to our blog post about health insurance].  However, as a participant of direct care, while the financial benefits are clearly shown I want to explain the benefits not shown [in the blog post]; like a caring doctor and nurse who give you all the time you need, who comes to your home, $2 medication (yes $2) , the first doctor in 14 years who listened and together leveled my thyroid with me holistically.  When I call the office he answers the phone.  Healing our whole family...it truly is so much more than a cost benefit.  But another cost benefit is not needing to worry what the visit will cost with hidden fees.  We have been so blessed for 10 months and still haven't seen a down side to this.  I would encourage anyone to give it a try." -- Patient K.W.


"I love it when I get a forwarded message from my husband that says Dr. Rohal was checking in to see how our son is doing.  Thank you.  We have been very pleased with the level of care our son has received from wasp infections to stomach bugs.  You can tell that your practice isn't just a job for you, but a vocation."  -- Patient D.S.


"We’re new members of CovenantMD, but we’re already thrilled to have joined.  They are the perfect balance of kind, perceptive, smart, caring, and accommodating, all the traits we’ve wished for in past practitioners, but were often hard-pressed to find.  We live a bit of a trek away, which was a concern to us before joining, but now we realize the distance is really negligible because there is no office wait time—Dr. Rohal is ready to see you as soon as you arrive.  And while we’ve been left at the end of most of our previous doctor appointments with a statement like, “make an appointment again if you don’t feel better in a couple weeks,” Dr. Rohal follows up within days asking about our health.  We're confident already that not only is Direct Primary Care a fantastic model, but also a huge asset to our family’s well being, convenience, and peace of mind." -- Patient K.W.


"Thanks again for everything, it really is so wonderful to have a doctor I feel like I can go to anytime for anything and who really listens and tries to work with me.  You are an answer to prayer and are even better than advertised. :)  I can't say thank you enough." -- Patient J.M.


"My crazy schedule at work requires me to constantly travel and attend meetings.  Dr . Rohal is flexible to your work schedule.  I must also point out the direct open line communication he has with his patients.  If you are in the Lancaster area you seriously need to look into ConvenientMD, it's affordable and reliable." -- Patient W.T.


"We highly recommend Covenant MD! Extremely affordable quality care, very inexpensive prescription costs, and overall benefits that can't be found anywhere else.  This is a great new way of providing healthcare to individuals and families." -- Patient A.V.


"Outstanding! Dr. Rohal is restoring the patient/doctor relationship.  A fantastic physician with an outstanding approach to healthcare." -- Patient J.R.


"Our experience with Covenant MD has been outstanding so far.  We have found them to be prompt communicators, knowledgeable, caring, and willing to go the extra mile.  This is so different from our last family practice experience which involved long wait times on the phone and in the office and seeing different providers each visit.  It is wonderful to see the same doctor and nurse each time because then they really know you and your history. Highly recommend!!!" -- Patient D.Y.