CovenantMD Opens Today!


CovenantMD officially opens for business today, Monday, January 4.  The last nine months, through penning the first words of a business plan, to launching the website in August, to speaking with several families in their homes (and Starbucks!) that wanted to “kick the tires” of CovenantMD…this has been a delightful time.  So today we put flesh on the bones of our dreams, as it were.  

I would like to take a moment to say  a few words of thanks.  

  • To my wife, Lynn, for being a de facto business partner, lending her care and wisdom to the key decisions and all of my social media posts.  
  • To Hannah Barry, CovenantMD’s nurse, for her enthusiasm for the Direct Primary Care model, and her willingness to do all manor of things that are outside of the norm for an R.N. (like splitting the janitorial duties with me!)  Away we go!
  • And most importantly, to the patients that have signed up with us out of the gate.  We could not live this dream if it were not for you.  We look forward to giving you the time, access, and value that good primary care requires! 

Our office at 930 Red Rose Court is still in the process of getting its facelift, so CovenantMD begins as a home visit practice for the first couple of weeks.  Stay tuned for news of our ribbon cutting and open house!

Patrick Rohal, M.D., is a board-certified family doctor
and the founder of CovenantMD, a Direct Primary Care practice.